Our Story

It all started in our 20’s Swing Dancing scene. Our first wood bow tie was complimented so much that we had to share it. Our passion to create the product people asked for made us into what we are now.

     Motilek means “bow tie” in Czech. It was from a friend in the Czech Republic that we were first introduced to wood bow ties. It was only natural we acknowledged our roots when creating our small business.
     Swing dancers dress just like dancers did back in the 20’s - wildly energetic and elegantly dazzling. And our wood bow ties provided that. After incredible amounts of custom requests piled in, we quickly found out that all sorts of people, not just dancers, wanted to wear our wood bow ties. Our designs, cuts, and patterns have all been based on customers' wants, and that’s how it will always be.
     All of our bow ties are hand-made from 100 percent natural and quality woods and materials, without any dyes. Thank you for supporting us!
- Your Friends at Motilek

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